Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland "Total Carnage Edition"

Created by Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland

Due to demand of the Core Rulez we are doing a reprint! So packed full of all the stuff you love and then some!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Locking Backerkit and Wave 1
5 months ago – Thu, Apr 20, 2023 at 03:39:49 PM

Yup that's one of the pallets of Total Carnage Edition books here at NLHQ!! Locking down the backerkit tomorrow and Wave 1 will begin Monday!!! 

We are still waiting on BLKRNBW stuff because they need final numbers from the Backerkit. Once they get them those backers will start to get their stuff too!

We are at the end of this project and I'm looking forward to the next one!!! 

Thanks for all the support, without all of you we never would be able to make this crazy game! LORD RANDY BE PRAISED!!!!


Books arriving and Space Bulk PDF!!
5 months ago – Tue, Apr 18, 2023 at 01:34:28 PM

I talked to the shipping company and we are on the list to be delivered to within the next couple days!!!! Get them backerkit surveys done so i can lock it in and get to shipping!!!! In celebration of this occasion we released the PDF to Space Bulk on sale for 12 bux!!! 84 pages of pulse-pounding content! That's like .14 cents a page!!! We will be rocking in no time, once the backerkits are done!!! Stay Rad!


Once again im asking for you to fill out your survey!! 85% done!
6 months ago – Mon, Apr 17, 2023 at 01:26:19 PM

We are alomst there!!! Friday orders will be locked and cards will be charged for the add-ons!! If you haven't finished the backerkit survey please do and feel free to add on a bunch of awesome stuff!!!! 

Detroit-Prime Most Wanted List:

The list in the printed book obvisly was done like Jan due to needing to get the book printed to arrive on time, which shold be this week, that leaves the ones who missed the deadline. But fear not! This will be a living list as in the PDF will reflect all the names added as well as furute printings! Your hard earned dollar will not be spent in vein! 

In the meantime please come chat in Facebook or Discord! I would love to hear what you think about the PDF so far! 

Thanks for all the support! Stay Rad!!


Backerkit Surveys 76%
6 months ago – Wed, Apr 12, 2023 at 09:40:08 AM

We are sitting at 76% complete on the Backerkit surveys! Once they are all done we can lock the orders in and when the books are delivered we can hit the ground running with fullfillment! Don't forget to complete it and add-on some real awesome stuff!!  Stay RAD and Lord Randy be PRAISED!!


Discord and feedback!!!
6 months ago – Tue, Apr 11, 2023 at 11:32:55 AM

PDFs are going out! If you haven't sent over your Drivethrurpg email please do so! What are ya waiting for!!!! All the explosive action is there while we wait for the books to STILL GET HERE! Ive been told it's taking longer cause i pretty much live in the middle of nowhere? Dunno but they say soon. In the meantime if you are a new Neon Maniac and want more come join the Discord! There is a ton always going on and we are always looking for fresh meat to play online games with!


Now that the PDFs are out in the wild let me know what ya think! Would love to hear from ya! Not to mention if you live what you are reading and wanna give it some stars or a review over on DrivethruRPG feel free!!!

Unil the next update, STAY RAD!